The DuoTones

The DuoTones are an acoustic act from Dallas, Texas. They play a large range of covers and originals.
Their different yet complimentary sounds and repertoires ensure that there is something for everyone.



  1. Meet Virginia (Train) The DuoTones 04:41
  2. Why Georgia (John Mayer) John Herbert 4:19
  3. No Scrubs (TLC) The DuoTones 03:17
  4. Boys from Oklahoma (Cross Canadian Ragweed) John Herbert 2:54
  5. Going Home (Drake) Anna DiTommaso 04:17
  6. Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) John Herbert 04:01
  7. Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis) Anna DiTommaso 03:44
  8. Gangster's Paradise (Coolio) John Herbert 3:09
  9. Iris (Goo Goo Dolls) Anna DiTommaso 3:39
  10. Shape of You (Ed Sheeran) John Herbert 2:54


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DuoTones Reel