JBL EON 210P Portable PA

Affectionately called the “Baby JaBLes”, these little guys pack a punch. Perfect for those bar patios, backyard parties, or any place you want to jam some tasty tunes without making peoples ears bleed. Face melting solos need not apply. Great for small to mid-size gatherings of 50-125 people.

Bose L1 Compact PA System

This is “Boses”. With his small footprint and formidable staff of speakers, you can plant him in a small corner of the bar or front and center on a stage and you’ll hear him part the audible Red Sea to “let my music flow!”. Also great for the small to mid-size soiree of 50-125 people. Why have 2 options? We say “why not?”.

JBL EON615 2-way 15” Powered PA Speaker

Say hello to “Lucy” and “Ethel”. These good ole’ girls have no ‘splaining to do. At 1000 watts each, they might not be enough to send the Delorean back to 1985 but they will rock a party. These gals are meant for the big stage or the wedding reception of 150-300 people. We have no problem cranking it to 11.

Chauvet DJ GigBar

This French guy will brighten up any room. Naturally we call him “Lumiere”. Be our guest and put our lighting to the test. Whether its soft ambient lighting to liven up a stage or strobes and lasers to dance the night away, we got you covered. He pairs nicely with Lucy and Ethel… and Fireball.

Mackie ProFX 12 12-Channel Analog Mixer

Just like in college, the Mixer brings everyone together. This is where we make sure everything gets along like peas and carrots. Plenty of channels to accommodate any extras you might need from karaoke backing tracks to mic’in up a mean set of spoons to compliment that cover of Free Bird.

Shure BLX24/PG58 Wireless Microphone

The industry standard for microphones. Whether it’s me telling bad jokes or Uncle Eddie making political charged comments when he’s supposed to be making a toast, Shure makes sure you’ll hear it loud and clear.